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Bespoke & Innovative

Technology Solutions That Promote Transportation Sustainability And Efficiency

Our innovative technology solutions aim to automate processes, streamline operations, generate valuable data insights, and optimize resources to enable more sustainable and efficient transportation systems.

Our fare collection system offers a convenient and sustainable method for public transit users to pay their fares, eliminating inefficient cash transactions and offering valuable data insights.

Our Central Clearing House System provides reliable financial reporting between transport operators by integrating with our fare collection system. This transparent data helps inform optimization strategies and improve overall efficiency.

Our Charging Points Management System enables electric vehicle drivers to locate, reserve and pay for charging stations conveniently. Utilization reports from the system encourage infrastructure expansion and efficient use of charging resources.

Our Smart Parking Solution streamlines the parking process by offering reservations, payments, and occupancy data. This system aims to reduce congestion and optimize parking resources, ultimately improving the user experience of transportation and mobility services.

Our journey planning and wayfinding solutions leverage comprehensive travel history data to assist in trip planning across multiple transportation modes. In addition, our system includes wayfinding features through digital signage and mobile application guidance to facilitate navigation for travelers.