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Automated Fare Collection - Ticketing System


utomated fare collection systems can significantly improve public transit systems by streamlining the payment process, reducing costs, and providing valuable data insights.

Our automated fare collection system provides faster boarding times, higher revenue protection through reduced fare evasion, lower operating costs through automation, and environmental gains from reducing paper waste. The system transforms the transit payment process from a cumbersome chore into a fast and convenient experience while equipping agencies with the insights needed to optimize operations. This supports our mission of promoting sustainable transportation solutions through innovation and excellence.

At Ecotranzit, our automated fare collection system provides a seamless experience for transit users through a single fare system and transit card that works across all transit operators. The system accepts a range of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments, making fare payment more convenient.

By reducing the need for cash transactions and paper tickets, our system creates a more sustainable system. Cash and paper tickets are inefficient and time-consuming, leading to longer wait times. Our system eliminates these, streamlining the payment process, shortening wait times, and improving the rider experience.


Using Ridership Data to Optimize Operations

The system also offers accurate and reliable data that helps transit agencies optimize their systems. Information on ridership numbers, travel patterns, and revenue helps agencies identify opportunities to improve efficiency, sustainability, and service quality.