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Charging Infrastructure &

As electric vehicle adoption accelerates, comprehensive and efficient charging solutions are critical. Ecotranzit provides end-to-end charging solutions utilizing advanced technologies to optimize energy usage and costs.

Our charging stations employ load balancing and real-time power allocation to avoid overloading circuits. Stations can also adjust charging speeds based on dynamic electricity pricing, reducing overall energy costs. They are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for remote monitoring and over-the-air software updates. Universal charging standards ensure compatibility across all major EV models. Stations can also integrate with client payment and access control systems.

We offer customized solutions to each client’s specific needs and site requirements. Options include different charging speeds, on-site energy storage, payment methods, branding, and access control. We assist clients in options analysis and designing the optimal solution for their goals and budget.

With experience across sectors, we understand different client needs. We have deployed solutions for workplaces, retail, hospitality, public transit, and residential. We work closely with various clients supporting their sustainability goals and simplifying the transition to electric fleets.

Ecotranzit’s installation services are fully managed. We conduct site surveys to evaluate power loads, installation challenges, and required infrastructure upgrades. We handle all permits, utility paperwork, and site preparation. For ongoing maintenance and emergency support, we provide periodic inspections, hardware/software updates, diagnostics, and issue resolution.

Strategic partnerships with hardware and software vendors provide flexibility in integrating different components into robust charging solutions with advanced functionality. We stay updated with the latest technologies to provide clients with the best options.


Promoting Client Confidence with Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are priorities. Our smart charging network has enterprise-level encryption, and client data is kept private. We only use data to improve station performance and clients’ charging operations.

In summary, Ecotranzit is driving the future of charging infrastructure through fully-managed smart solutions. We provide customized options utilizing the latest technologies for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable charging. Comprehensive support services give clients peace of mind while optimizing their charging operations. We are leading the charge to a more robust, sustainable, and intelligent charging infrastructure.