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Charging Points
Management System -


e recognize the critical role that electric vehicle charging infrastructure plays in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. To support this goal, we offer a Charging Points Management System (CPMS) that is designed to help manage electric vehicle charging infrastructure effectively while promoting the use of clean energy transportation methods.

Our CPMS integrates with any charging point device or charging station, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for various electric vehicle charging scenarios. The system allows users to define the location and reservation of charging stations, making it easy for electric vehicle owners to find and reserve available charging stations in their area.

Our system also provides users with the ability to make reservations and payments for the charging stations, simplifying the charging process and promoting the use of clean energy transportation methods. By streamlining the reservation and payment process for charging stations, we encourage more people to use electric vehicles, which can help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.


Generating Insights from Utilization Reports

Our CPMS also offers a variety of reports on the utilization of the charging stations, providing valuable insights into the usage patterns and performance of the charging infrastructure. This data can help electric vehicle fleet managers and other stakeholders make informed decisions about the management and deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, promoting sustainability and efficiency.