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Connected Smart
Bus Shelters


cotranzit bus shelters feature solar panels that generate and store renewable energy to power amenities within the shelters. By relying solely on solar energy, the shelters require no connection to the electrical grid.

The energy from the solar panels provides real-time transit information on digital displays for passengers. These screens show the estimated arrival times for upcoming buses, temporary service changes, route maps, and other information. Passengers can see when their bus is coming and any schedule changes to avoid long wait times and confusion.

Our bus shelters also feature USB charging ports that allow passengers to charge mobile devices using solar power. The availability of transit information and charging ports creates a more positive experience for passengers and encourages the use of public transit.


Integrating Technology and Renewables

Ecotranzit’s smart bus shelters demonstrate our commitment to integrating technology and renewables to enhance infrastructure. We work with transit agencies and municipalities to identify locations and needs for the implementation of our intelligent shelters. Through data collection, we continue improving the shelters to provide passengers with the information and amenities they find most useful. Our goal is for bus shelters to become connection points that make public transit an attractive mobility option.