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Green & Tailored

Enabling Electric and Efficient Mobility Solutions

Promoting cleaner and more efficient mobility, we offer a range of electric buses, cars, charging infrastructure, and gates that enable transit agencies and individuals to shift to electric vehicles and reduce emissions.

Electric buses come in multiple sizes to suit different route needs while offering lower emissions and operating costs compared to diesel buses. Our electric car models provide up to 300 km of range per charge for daily commutes, combining sustainability with comfort and convenience.

The charging stations utilize smart charging technology to optimize efficiency and minimize energy waste. Compatible with all-electric vehicles, our charging stations reduce range anxiety and make electric mobility practical.

Our automated fare collection gates and validators promote seamless and secure payment transactions for public transportation users. Integrated with major payment systems like credit cards and mobile wallets, our gates and validators help create a comprehensive transportation solution.


Through our electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and automated fare systems, we aim to make public transportation – and electric mobility – an attractive option for all.