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Since 2017

Dedicated to Innovation and Customization

Driven by a customer-first mentality, Ecotranzit delivers highly advanced solutions to the public and private sectors by exploiting the latest emerging technologies in the electric transportation sector.

ecotranzit Success

Enabling Green Transportation For All

Proudly worked with numerous governments and organizations revolutionizing transportation solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious practices, we have become a trusted partner for those seeking to create a better future.

Public Transportation Consultation

From devising strategies for expanding public transit infrastructure to implementing cutting-edge transportation systems, our consultancy services have helped transform the future of green transportation in several countries.

Electric Vehicles Created

Through our commitment to sustainable transportation, Ecotranzit has created a significant number of electric vehicles; buses & cars, reducing carbon emissions and promoting earth-friendly practices.

Totally Green

Sustainable Products, Solutions, and Tech

Providing a holistic range of innovative solutions including consulting, data analytics, and transport media. Futuristic products like electric buses and cars, charging stations, gates, and validators. With pioneering technology from automated fare collection, CCHS, CPMS, smart parking, and journey planning & wayfinding.