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Gates & Validators

Our gates and validators utilize contactless technology to enable fast and frictionless fare payment. Passengers can simply tap their payment card or mobile device to open the gate and pass through. This streamlines the boarding process and reduces queues and waiting times.



e offer a range of gate and validator models to suit different transit system needs. Options include narrow, wide, and waist-high gates as well as desktop, pole, and wall-mounted validators. Materials for the gates and validators can be customized to match the environment and branding of any transit agency.

We utilize the latest technologies for efficient and secure fare collection. Our validators and gates feature high-speed processors, high-resolution displays, and durable engraving materials.

Real-time monitoring of all gates and validators allows our support team to quickly detect and resolve any issues remotely. Spare parts are kept on hand to minimize downtime.

All of our gates and validators are integrated with our central clearing house system. This allows for centralized management of fare collection data from all gates and validators across the transit network.

The central clearing house system also enables functionality like multi-modal fare integration. Passengers can use the same payment card or mobile wallet for different transit modes like buses, trains, and metro lines.


Comprehensive Hardware and Software Solutions

This combination of reliable hardware, integrated software, and comprehensive support makes our gates and validators ideal solutions for modernizing fare collection systems and improving the overall transit experience.