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Introducing VIM: Qatar’s Sustainable Mobility Future

Ecotranzit has taken a giant leap, unveiling VIM, The first Qatari electric car. The new vehicles are a powerful embodiment of the company’s deliberate mission to deliver futuristic solutions in the electric and green transportation sector.


Our Chairman’s Words

“We are proud to introduce the VIM electric cars, which are the future of transportation,” said Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani.

Our vision is to transform the way people move around the world, by offering environmentally friendly vehicles that are revolutionary and practical.

The company’s commitment to sustainability goes far & beyond. Our solutions include and aren’t restricted to charging stations, integrated fare collection systems, and transport consultancy.

The launch of VIM electric cars marks a major milestone in the company’s journey to become a global leader in green transport solutions and related services. Ecotranzit is a visionary company that sets the standard for smart mobility, by providing sustainable transport solutions that benefit the environment, society, and the economy.

“We are not just launching a product, we are launching a movement towards a sustainable future,”

Sheikh Khalifa gave his assurance that establishing a world where both people and the environment prosper together is the goal. This will be achieved by offering modern and environmentally friendly solutions that are easy to obtain, reasonably priced, and can be expanded, and VIM electric cars are just the initial phase of a fresh era in transportation, where sustainability is the standard and innovation takes the lead.

Internationally Covered & Recognised

Proudly, the launch event received extensive media coverage, with several prominent newspapers emphasising the significance of this shift toward sustainable transportation and its positive impact on the environment.

The event was covered by Al Sharq, Al Arab, Al Watan, and Lusail Newspaper who praised Ecotranzit for its commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and scalable solutions toward a greener future.

Also, Gulf Times, The Peninsula, Doha News, and other influential media highlighted the specifications of the cars & the seamless, safe, and sustainable driving experience they provide.